How to change your life by changing your reactions, with Jez Rose

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Are you full of ideas but can’t keep on top of them? Or just overwhelmed by life getting in the way? Today I have a fabulous conversation with The Behaviour Expert, Jez Rose. Jez is an internationally in-demand speaker and coach who spends his time getting inside our heads and showing us to rewire them for the better.

Jez’s third book, Flip the Switch, is all about how we can expand the gap between the thing that threatens to make us angry, or confused, or distracted, and our own response to it. It’s about how we can deliberately make small changes in our behaviour that dramatically changes the result we get: the choice between allowing ourselves to be derailed, or staying on the path we want.

What I love about Jez is that he just leaks creativity. You can feel the energy coming out him – our conversation is full of stories and tips, where he just takes an idea and runs with it. As you’d expect from someone who started out in stand-up comedy, he’s also very funny.

And yet it wasn’t always this way. We also talk about his experience of depression as a teenager and young man, and how he made some very conscious choices to move away from that. We also talk a lot about the importance of purpose in your life, and its connection to creativity.

If you’re someone who is forever coming up with ideas but can’t always turn them into action, or someone who gets easily derailed by other people or events, you’re going to love this episode.

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