How to handle creative resistance, with Nick Williams

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‘Wherever there is great inspiration and there is our soul’s purpose, not far away there will be tremendous resistance.’

There’s a myth that goes around that when you’re following your passion, everything becomes easy. Not so, says Nick Williams, author of 13 books and ‘coach, spiritual advisor and encourager’ to individuals and companies including McKinsey and the NHS.

Nick and I talk today about the ever-present doubt and resistance that accompanies all creative work. Rather than trying to get rid of it, Nick talks about how he focuses on knowing his purpose and habits that allow him to get his work done.

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At the heart of Nick’s work is a very clear, consistent message about finding purpose in what you do. We talk about how focusing on that one message has opened up endless scope for creativity and inspiration – completely the opposite from the common fear of having a niche becoming limiting. 
I also ask Nick about the challenge that leaders face in trying to develop self-expression and creativity, particularly in cultures that only value success, and where vulnerability is unlikely to be considered a virtue. 

I love Nick’s honesty in this interview. Even before we started the recording he was keen to point out that he doesn’t see creative block something he’s overcome, but instead as resistance that he has to overcome all the time. You’ll hear his take on resistance as a natural part of creativity, and some of the ways he uses to overcome it. 

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