Creating art through pain, with kinetic painter Norman Perryman

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Painter Norman Perryman describes himself as ‘a musician who was born an artist’. He creates live performances with classical orchestras and musicians, live painting to the music. On today’s Creative Life Show we talk about how he goes about creating a new art form, and how he goes about convincing other people to support something they’ve never come across before.

Norman also talks about the painting commission he received during his wife’s battle with cancer, to paint the tenor and leukaemia survivor Jose Carreras. He tells me about the process of painting through grief and the loss of his wife, and how the experience affected his work.

We also talk about:

  • How being a ‘compulsive sharer’ has such benefits for his work
  • Persuading other people to buy into an art form they’ve never experienced
  • His routines for preparing for a live performance, when anything could go wrong
  • Norman’s ongoing battle to keep depression at bay, and how he does it
  • How he loves to take risks, and how he creates balance in his life and work
  • Why being highly sensitive allows him to be curious and successful


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