The courage to crowdfund a bestseller, with photographer Laura Dodsworth

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Photographer and storyteller Laura Dodsworth was a successful wedding photographer when she felt pulled to create a far more terrifying project: photographing 100 women and talking to them about their bodies. It became the hugely successful Bare Reality, and an entirely new creative journey.

Laura and I talk about the stream of rejections that followed. Agents, galleries, publishers and even friends all turned down her idea, with plenty of them questioning why anyone would buy it. We talk about how she kept going despite all the setbacks, her doubts and fears.

We also talk about how she overcame her professional fears to go in a direction that was so different to her normal commercial work.

But she also shares what it takes, and what she did to achieve:

    • A crowd-funding campaign that reached its target in just one day
    • A bestselling book
    • Media interest from around the world
    • Workshops, talks and even a play


We also talk about Laura’s new project, Manhood, where she talks to 100 men about their bodies and their stories, and the whole new set of fears that came with it.

If you’re feeling called to create work that’s different to your normal direction, or if you have no idea how you can ever make it work, Laura’s story is an essential listen.

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