The joy of a full-time creative business on Twitter, with Moose Allain

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If you’ve dreamed of escaping from a traditional job to the seaside to make a living from your creativity, this is for you. Artist and ‘professional doodler’ Moose Allain and his wife Karen did just that. They have a thriving business based on Moose’s world of playful, off-beat cartoons, crazy puns and reflections on what’s going on in his life and the world. 

We talk about:

  • How Moose built his Twitter community to over 78 thousand followers, and how that has become the core of his business
  • How to use Twitter when you don’t want to sell on it
  • The role of traditional galleries in Moose’s work and launching his business – but why he no longer sells in them
  • How Moose has used crowdfunding as a way to create collaborative art (including the madly wonderful A Survey of Potato Mashers)
  • Working for the BBC, Tate, Private Eye magazine and many others – but why Moose says no to most approaches for work

My favourite quote (because I love Moose’s blend of words and drawing): it’s about playing around with lines. They may be drawn lines or they may be written lines’

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