How to get 3 million viewers and still create with joy, with artist Amrit Singh

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Amrit Singh was a jobbing designer when a friend introduced him to the live-streaming app Periscope
. In just 2 years he’s attracted over 3 million viewers watching his live art and inspiration sessions. It’s led to his own thriving art business, an international career as a speaker, two books and big-name clients queuing up to book him.

Amrit shares the story behind his apparently meteoric success, including the self-doubts that made him hide his face and his own art on camera for over a year.

Amrit Singh tells me about the huge leap of faith in himself it took to start going public. Rather than diving deep in, he slowly developed what he was doing as he gained confidence.

We talk about:

  • The racism and prejudice Amrit experienced online, and how he turned that into a positive
  • How he used Periscope to build a loyal, enthusiastic following that allowed him to launch his art brand
  • Why he didn’t share the art that was most important to him for over a year
  • How he keeps the joy in his creative work, even when he’s doing it live for an audience
  • How being a positive voice in the world is at the core of all his work

This is a fantastic, inspiring listen if you’ve ever felt that you should be more visible, but you’re too young/old, you’re the wrong colour/gender/face shape, you hair/face/head-wear isn’t appropriate, or whatever else is getting in the way of your real potential.


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