Aaron Dworkin: ‘You can do anything’, music, mentors and 500 rejections

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Newsweek named Aaron Dworkin as one of the 15 people who make America great, but he was a bi-racial, adopted violin undergraduate with no money or connections when he had the idea for The Sphinx Organisation. ‘Have you practiced?’ asked his teacher? ‘No,’ he said, ‘But I’ve had a really good idea…’

20 years on, and with a laundry list list of honours and awards, he joins me to talk about how hundreds of rejections never dented his determination to transform representation in classical music, and his own, huge creative force that keeps taking him into new fields.

You’ll be fired up and inspired by:

* Why music practice was the the perfect preparation for taking on a huge, challenging project
* The huge role that mentors play in his life, and how he finds them
* The significance of partnerships rather than sponsors (and this is SO valuable, not matter what you want to launch)
* How to get people to give you money (“Who has more money than the president of the World Bank?”)
* Performance poetry and his latest science fiction novel

Outside or inside?

We also talk about how he keeps his outsider position and uses it to keep challenging and making change. Feeling powerless? This is a great listen if you’re not sure how to get heard for something that REALLY matters to you.

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