Anna Kunnecke: writing, beauty and the unexpected joy of order

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

How do you create when the world seems to be full of pain? How do you keep going when there are so many distractions? Today I talk to the wonderful Anna Kunnecke about the stories we tell ourselves and how we can turn them to our benefit.

We talk about showing up ‘as a grown-up’ even when we just want to hide. We also contemplate the challenge of finding time for our dream when we have a life full of other demands.

How should we prioritise our creative work when we have clients who need us, sick kids, bills to be paid, and a million injustices are calling us? How do we create beauty in our lives, no matter what else is happening?

As much as we feel open to all of that kind of beautiful generative wonder of the world, I think so many of us also feel very porous and empathic and open to all of the ugliness that’s out there too.

Anna’s approach is human, vulnerable and full of both pain and joy. But it’s also full of practical ideas and ways of turning our stories and our lives round in small, practical, joyful ways.

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