Stop planning, start playing, with Designing your Life author Dave Evans

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What do you do when your values clash with your lifestyle – but you love it? Dave Evans talks about how he went from high-profile Silicon Valley creative who never saw his kids to running the Life Lab at Stanford – a journey fraught with wrong turns and misplaced independence trying to solve everything himself.Dave has now taken thousands of Stanford students through a programme which applies ‘design thinking’ to organising your life. Forget planning, forget visions, forget the idea that you need to discover your one passion – this approach is about small steps, testing things, asking questions and seeing what happens.

Whether you’re frustrated in your current work and want to try something different, or want to live a bit more fully, this is a great episode. Dave shares his own battle with his passion for work: ‘I realised, I was an alcoholic working in a liquor store’, and how it took him years to find the balance he wanted.

You’ll learn:

      • The difference between an engineering problem and a design problem, a gravity problem and an anchor problem, and why understanding those is crucial to working out what to do with your life
      • How to work out which of your many possible lives is the one you want to live
      • Why curiosity underpins everything in your life
      • The cycle of growth, and how to move from being, to doing, to becoming.
      • The difference between wayfinding and navigation – and which one you need when you don’t have a map

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