The power of taking on big issues, with Maggie Semple

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

If you tried to pin a label on Maggie Semple, OBE, she’d be leaping away to the next big thing before you could get anywhere near. Dancer, choreographer, high-level public servant, blue-chip leadership and diversity consultant, justice advisor, fashion label founder. Alternatively, epic badass who takes on big, bold issues, because, as she says, ‘why wouldn’t you?’

From running public consultations on nuclear power stations to championing the impact of clothes, Maggie is driven by a huge desire to connect with big ideas and their impact on people. Blue-chip and public sector consultancy isn’t often seen as a creative role, but Maggie disagrees. We talk about how she calls on her background in choreography for a language and imagery that helps to disrupt boardroom thinking, and the creative buzz she gets from being in the moment.

We also talk about how she set up a fashion label, and how she answers her critics who see it as ‘frivolous’.

But that doesn’t stop her from experiencing creative frustration or blocks. We talk through how she uses her inner drive and values to overcome it.

If your creative life is about values and purpose rather than job titles, and variety rather than a single focus, this is an essential listen.


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