Coming back after rejection, with Psychologies editor Suzy Greaves

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Leading life coach, author and editor of one of the UK’s most successful women’s magazines, Suzy Greaves shares her painfully honest story of how her first book went disastrously wrong. We talk about how her inner critic scuppered what seemed the opportunity of a lifetime, and how it nearly led to her giving up writing and coaching. Suzy shares frankly and openly how she had to overcome her own demons to write her next book, as well as the practical steps she took to keep her fear and resistance under control.

We also talk about the challenges and joys of having to create new content every month for a successful magazine. Suzy shares how she takes her team to a place of vulnerability and openness to create stories that separate Psychologies from other magazines.

I loved this conversation with Suzy. It blows wide apart the idea that successful writers and coaches have everything sorted, and Suzy is wonderfully honest about her daily struggles to keep her inner critic under control and her life running smoothly.

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