How to talk brilliantly about your creative work (even if you hate speaking), with Caroline Goyder

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

What does it take to get 2.3 million views for a TEDx talk? Top voice coach Caroline Goyder joins me to talk about how to create presence and authority as a creative, and the story of her own books (including the long journey to be published) and online success.

As creatives, speaking in public means often having to put non-verbal ideas into words. That brings plenty of challenges. How do we talk about design or art, music or movement, in a way that brings them to life? How do we convince other people to believe in our work simply by standing up and talking about it?

And yet, if we don’t, our voices remain unheard. 

Being able to speak powerfully in front of other people changes everything. It means we can get ourselves the jobs we want, or the partnerships we need. We can get clients or funders on side and convince get other people to believe in our ideas. Not least, we open up a whole world of media opportunities, interviews, and even paid speaking opportunities. 

Whether you’re comfortable talking in front of others but would like to get to the next stage, or the thought fills you with horror, Caroline has essential tips for you.

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