How to value your work to earn more with Anabel Roque Rodriguez

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

If you do creative work of any kind, the way you value your work and your own skills is crucial. Anabel Roque Rodriguez has practical, inspiring advice on how to take back control when it feels as though the world doesn’t value what you do.

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Whether you’re freelance, employed, or a solo creator, this episode has masses of value about making sure you’re taking charge of your work and your career.

We have a terrific conversation, including:

  • The myth of the poor, suffering artist, and why we have to say no to it
  • The legacy of ‘art as sacrifice’, and why it’s so damaging – especially for women
  • How to plan for times without paid work, and how to use them to your advantage
  • The trap that most creatives make in pricing their own work
  • Why creatives are so reluctant to negotiate prices, and what to do instead
  • When to work for free or a reduced fee, and when to say no
  • Why ‘exposure’ is the worst reason for taking on work
  • The importance of taking control of your own career, from TODAY


Even though I have conversations regularly with my clients about how to value and price their work, time and energy, this conversation with Anabel made me re-evaluate my own work and how I approach it.

And I ask at the end of the show – would you like a whole episode devoted to pricing your creative work? Let me know!

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  1. Ernestine Faux

    A very down to earth and “most listen to” interview for artists. Being tired because of all the issues mentioned in the talk…and actually knowing a lot of the mentioned points…it is so valuable to me to hear it again- or sharing the part of “burn out” ( and I know you went for the radical step to go on a pilgrimage) it gives me hope to get through my dry time now. Ver uplifting, inspiring and so true! Thank you for sharing that! I will definitely listing to it again and again.

    • Joanna Pieters

      I’m so glad it gives you new hope, Ernestine. Any dry period really is only for a limited time, though it can be so hard to remember. Good luck with getting your own inspiration and energy fired up again!

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