How to prove your critics wrong, with Kerry Nicholls

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What do you do when the shining future you have mapped out has to change, but everyone tells you it’s over? At 23 Kerry Nicholls was told by colleagues, friends and dance bookers that her career was over, when she become pregnant unexpectedly.

She set out to prove them wrong, finding a path through the practical, financial and emotional challenges of being a creative, performer and single parent. She talks about her determination to prove that parenting would provide her creativity with a new depth and richness, and how the skills she learned have taken her to a level that she believes she would never otherwise have reached.

This is a wonderfully inspiring episode if you’ve ever felt that you’re creating a path on your own, powered by a deep inner conviction that what you’re doing is right, but fighting critics every step of the way.

My favourite quotes:

‘You have these challenges as you go along and you come out of them. It’s not the challenge itself, its how you solve the challenge that builds resilience and resourcefulness’

The world is full of opportunity. If not, you have to create it. You can say, this is a bit hard. Or you say, look at the depth and the renewed learning from my situation and how can I use that.’

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