How to do a show 1700 times and still stay creative, with William Rycroft

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Imagine signing up to perform a show 8 times a week for 6 months. Then imagine doing it for a year more, and another and another, but still having to keep your performance as fresh as the first night. William Rycroft did just that, clocking up an extraordinary 1700 performances in the award-winning theatre show War Horse.

Will joins me to talk about exactly how he kept his creativity alive day after day, as well as the terrifying experience of realising that he’d become too comfortable with it.

We talk about going to sleep on stage and why being able to do something on auto-pilot is so dangerous. You’ll learn what what you do when you think you’ve exhausted every creative possibility you can think of. We also talk about how a performance in William’s final week was the most nerve-wracking experience in his life, and why his experience was the greatest thrill he could imagine as an actor.

If you’re in any kind of job that has repetitive work, you’ll find this episode hugely inspiring. Where do you look for new ideas? Where do you start when you realise you’ve tumbled into a rut? And you’ll learn how to turn your experience, as Will did, into learning about stretching yourself and challenging yourself, in ways you never dreamed possible.

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