Are you sharing your work in progress? Why it’s essential, with Noah Scalin of Creative Sprint

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Noah’s the co-creator of the brilliant Creative Sprint process, as well as an artist, creativity consultant and author. Until now, it’s been a free 30-day live series, but he and his sister Mica Scalin have just published Creative Sprint, a book of six month-long sprints, with lots of thought-provoking stories and ideas. Part of the principle between Creative Sprint is about sharing as a way of fast-tracking your work and making it better and better.

If you’re doing creative work, at one point you need to get it out there. But for many of us, we want to get it to a point we’re satisfied with ourselves before we show it to anyone else.

We’ve got it all wrong, though, says Noah Scalin. He says we’ve got to change the way we think, to discover the enormous benefits of sharing our work early and frequently

Noah and I explore:

  • Why sharing can make your work much faster
  • How to draw people to you by putting your work out
  • The importance of finding a safe space to share
  • The fear that stops you sharing
  • The role of self-reflection

We also talk about the Creative Sprint process, and why it’s so powerful, whatever kind of creative work you do. If you’re thinking of joining it, or would just like to be more creative and more energetic, you’ve got to listen to this.


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  1. Unicia

    Great and informative interview. Thank you for doing this. Wonderful dialogue.

    • Joanna Pieters

      Thank you, Unicia! So glad you enjoyed it.

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