Should I work with a friend? Lessons from the front line, with Jordan Lloyd

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Creatives work best when they collaborate, right? And isn’t it the ideal to work with a friend you know and like? Jordan Lloyd’s work as a highly specialist photography colourist relies on strong relationships, but he’s learnt the hard way. He shares the story of a journey into entrepreneurship with a friend that went disastrously wrong, and the crucial difference between working with a friend, and working with someone likeminded who becomes a friend.

We also talk about Jordan’s work bringing to life extraordinary historic images. How do you go about recreating something that we know only in sepia tones?

  • Why Jordan doesn’t see himself as an artist, but instead getting into the mind of the photographer who created the original image
  • The role of aesthetic judgment in his work
  • The hours of detailed research that goes into just one picture – from advertising archives to museum shelves


Value your own creative work

If you do creative work of any kind, the way you value your work and your own skills is crucial.

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