Your zone of genius and how to rock your story, with Marsha Shandur

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Marsha Shandur was living as she’d dreamed of for nearly 15 years: a job as a successful radio DJ, a life full of live gigs and music, on the brink of the big time. But there was something missing. (Whisper it: she was getting bored).

So she took off. She moved continent, with no plan and no job. And that’s how she started her journey that’s led to her business as a much-loved storytelling coach, in demand by private clients and events to help them build trust and connection, and make it FUN.

Marsha and I have have a blast talking about:

  • The beginnings of True Stories Live (with just 3 people in the audience) and her brand YesYesMarsha
  • The difference between your zone of excellence and your zone of genius – and how to find yours.
  • Why talented creative people get stuck: finding themselves doing highly competitive jobs that should be fun, but aren’t – and what Marsha did to get out of it
  • The SINGLE biggest mistake that most people make telling their stories (and this is so easy to change in your own)
  • How to to get started with a story that’s compelling, relevant and fun, even if you’re feeling as interesting as a white bread sandwich, or as overwhelmed as a kitten in a wool-basket


Marsha is SUCH fun, and full of practical, useful tips on how to make your story work for you, to get you the creative life you really want.

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