Discovering your best future (even when your path isn’t clear), with Kay Hutchison

I took myself right out of this life and started again – basically putting myself back together’.

What do you do when your brilliant life goes off the rails? Kay Hutchison had a high-powered TV career and the lifestyle to match, when she realised it was all wrong.

Kay launched into a journey of personal discovery that went from from sound-baths to yoga, writing to silent retreats, as well as facing some difficult truths about her past. One result was writing her first book, while another was setting up her own publishing and media business where she can be ‘herself’ rather than return to the corporate world that was her home for so long.

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This is a great listen if you ever feel that life is running you, and that you need some kind of a change.

So many bright, creative people find themselves trapped in a corner that they never expected. Whatever you way out will be for you – yoga, voodoo, writing or something completely different – but you’ll come away believing that deep within you is a creative power that you can use to get your life back on track, and more determined to go and find it.

Value your own creative work

If you do creative work of any kind, the way you value your work and your own skills is crucial.

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