How to survive a catastrophic commission, with Katharine Coleman

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

When you’re a professional creative, things go wrong.

Sometimes things go HORRIBLY wrong.

Katharine Coleman is a leading international glass artist, with nerves of steel. If you think that your medium is hard, just try working with something that can shatter with one false move.

So don’t listen if:

  • you don’t want to hear a hair-raising story of a catastrophe-ridden, high-profile commission
  • you believe that if you haven’t started by your 40s, there’s no hope
  • you think that you need to keep yourself isolated from other creatives in your field


But join me now if you want to know:

  • The lessons from how one of today’s leading craftspeople went from a geography PhD and household chores to having work in the world’s major collections and galleries
  • How Katharine broke into the establishment after years of rejection
  • How founding a network of glass engravers around the world has led to ‘five times the impact’

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  1. Raymond Hawn

    I enjoyed your video, I often check out art guilds and what they do. Mabling, bookbinding even dremil tools.. well the arts and the old crafts.. perhaps I can gradually work into these arts and use them in retirement. Thanks from a youtube user….

    • Joanna Pieters

      Hi Raymond – how wonderful to be exploring those old crafts again, and it’s never too late too start – or too early!

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